One Step Closer to Graduation

16422635_10212233542576607_7438482995911825514_oWhen was the last time you stopped to look back and see where you’ve been? To see how far you’ve come and the steps you’ve taken and all the paths you’ve wandered down? When was the last time you celebrated your

We get so caught up in how far we still have to travel, the wrong turns we may have taken along the way, and how quickly we are moving that we cripple ourselves sometimes. Weighed down and burdened by the daunting tasks at hand. We forget everything we’ve conquered and where we have been on this journey while in this chase for bigger and better.

But this is one of those moments where it is time to slow down and celebrate. In just 2 months, I will be receiving one of the gifts in my college career.

My Aggie Ring.

I’ve been sitting on my senior status eligibility for the past year but because of other circumstances going on in my life, I wasn’t able to get my ring. But here we are now, I’ve made it. It’s just one more reminder that graduation is on the horizon and I will make it out of this chapter of my life and on to bigger and better things. What those are exactly, I only have the faintest idea.

Till next time!



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