Throwback Thursday Poetry (Part II)


You put too much sugar in your coffee

We tiptoe around each other.

You used to kiss me in front of your friends

Until it would make me blush

You used to hold me on the bad days until

I would break down and start crying

And you’d hold me tighter.

You used to see me in the most tender way possible.

But now, I see

The seasons are changing.

There is a target on both our backs.

I’ve brought a knife to a gun fight.

I don’t really want to fight.

I haven’t been good to the people I love

So I punish my heart by letting it break

Before sewing together jagged, damaged pieces.

It’s easier to throw myself into these painful situations

Than face the truth that I could let you down.

I watch you sip your drink from across the room

And wonder how we became strangers

When I know exactly how you take your coffee.


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