Throwback Thursday Poetry


I want to write poetry for you

Laced with perfectly constructed passion

Like Dickinson 

“That love is all there is 

Is all we know of Love”

Like Shelley

“In one another’s being mingle

Why not I with thine?”

See, the problem

I’m not a very romantic person.

Rose tint not worn well by me

It clashes sharply with my cynicism.

So instead I fill up on bitter irony.

I don’t want our love tainted by that.

-So much for optimism

You were always too good for me anyway. 

So I won’t promise you the stars

I know they will burn out.

I won’t say 

you are

you are

My everything 

when I know it won’t always be that way.

But right now,

I know for certain,

I love you

And I hope that is enough.

This poem is one of the first poems I wrote while still in high school Circa 2011! 

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