Happiness lies in the subjectives

Life is fleeting. The happiest people you know will probably tell you the same thing. They know that with time, everything will change – both the good and the bad. It’s all about living in the moment.StockSnap_C0DU4NMXQF.jpg 

Happy people won’t call themselves happy people.

They aren’t worried about putting a label on it but they live somewhere between peace and contentment while they pursue their loves.

They know that nothing will matter more than the way you love everyone you come in contact with in life. This starts with YOU. This means loving yourself enough to respect and believe in you. It’s all about pursuing the best life has to offer.

Happy people also know that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously. There is a greater plan at work that is unfolding  and you are simply a small player in this ever expanding universe. They take the time to bask in the existentialism of this idea.

Most of all, happy people choose happiness because they know that this is where life is best served. This does not mean that they do not suffer from depression, anxiety, or trouble that life throws at them. Rather, they know to seek out help as soon as possible and rise above the situation. They choose to help themselves out of the rut by being brave and accepting what they can and can not change in a situation.

Being happy means embracing change and the idea that life is fleeting. Living is collecting all your emotions, ideas, and experiences and being equally grateful for all of them. Happy people happen when the choice is made to live knowing none of it is permanent.

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