The People You Meet

StockSnap_7SR7QJRDTHEveryone you meet can be broken down into one of two categories. The Nothings and the Everythings

The Nothings are your group of people that build their life on nothing. They say nothing worth saying, do nothing exceptional, and be nothing extraordinary. Most of their days are spent burning daylight – coasting on through. They wait for that tomorrow that will never come. Nothings live content in stagnant waters where little work is needed.

Then you have the Everythings and you’ll know them when you see them. They are the ones speaking loudly and saying everything that needs to be said. They are the ones going out and doing everything impressive and remarkable with their lives. They are the people being everything that makes a difference in this world.

And every day you have to wake up and ask yourself, which group do I want to belong in today?

5 Comments on “The People You Meet

  1. I am an in-between kinda person. I want to be an Everything but I often fit into the Nothing category. Nothing people are afraid to step foot into new waters. They are too comfortable with their lives but at the same time dissatisfied. They want their voices to be heard but don’t know how, so they spend their lives accomplishing nothing great or extraordinary. Others are content living their mundane lives with little to no contribution to society and they are alright with that.

    Then there are people who are Everything, who make their lives great, but many of them were born with a silver spoon in their mouths and famous for being famous (If you know what I mean). Some don’t make a great impact to society, but people admire them because they are famous. Some Nothings become Somethings only after they are dead, and then they gain their recognition.

    Honestly, I feel like categorizing the 2 types is difficult because there is a lot of cloudy, murky water. Right now I am trying to become Something but I am what you would call a Nothing. I am not doing anything extraordinary but some people might say, but wait! You are married and a mother. That is true, but most people get married and have kids in their lifetime. I am what you would call average but I am also a person who is dissatisfied and cannot settle, ever. I am a Nothing with an ambition for change but doesn’t know how to step foot into the murky water. So that’s why I blog now.

    • You are completely right. Part of what made me realize that life was broken up into categories is that I thought I was an “everything” my entire life but when I started to dig down and look around, I realized I had “nothing” to show for it. I wasn’t doing anything meaningful in life and kept waiting for a better time to start living out my passions and callings. (Reason why I started blogging this year too! I always said I wanted to get more committed about writing but it took until now for me to actually get the ball rolling)
      Honestly, I think you become a “something” or “everything” when you start living life more intentionally and living in the present instead of wallowing on the past or worrying about the future.
      Sounds like you already have a lot of good things going for you 🙂

      • I like how you worded that. Yes, exactly! When we start living in the present moment we can open our eyes to everything around us. Many of us still live in the past (Facebook and other social media) and mindlessly scrolling through Newsfeed isn’t living with purpose. I spent a great deal of time texting friends because I thought I was contributing and being helpful. But I learned that people don’t change and keeping up with everyone and everything is exhausting, The only person I can change is myself so now I blog. Hopefully to put something meaningful into the atmosphere that resonates with people. The journey I am on now is one I never imagined I would be on, and even though everyday life is dull and boring, its a journey worth documenting. Your journey looks very interesting and I keep coming back to read your posts.If blogging is your “everything” then by all means do it. 🙂

      • Confession here (and I may blog about it eventually) but I feel like facebook memories is doing us no favors. It irks me a little when the only thing people post on social media is throwbacks. I want everyone to live in the present and go and do exciting things.
        You are so right about the only people you can change is you. Turns out that it is a total game-changer when you can change your attitude.
        And thanks, I don’t know how interesting my life is but I do enjoy writing and they say you get better and it comes easier the more you do it 😀

      • Confession: my mother wrote my essays for me in school. She didn’t do me any favors when it came to learning how to write on my own. She continued to write my essays until 3rd year university. Its funny, because this blog is entirely written by me and the bridge degree requires that I take an English course. You can’t run from your fears forever, or escape them entirely. I am currently writing a post about that darn newsfeed feature on facebook and how most people only choose to display their highlights. Personally I cannot stand the facebook memory thing and disabled it. Life as a mother opens a lot of doors when it comes to writing. Never thought I would ever become a mother, but change happened when I stopped living in the past.

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