Reasons and Seasons

StockSnap_617S1F9YNLThere are days when I feel completely buried in my pain. I lose all strength and I want to lie down and quit. It’s too much! I don’t want to do this anymore! And the bad news is that  life is much harder than we could ever imagine. Nothing about this existence is perfect or ever will be. That’s just the way things are.

We’ve all been there at some point or another. It’s the times when we lose our way a little bit and forget who we are and what the world has in store for us. Our destiny seems too daunting and impossible. 

Life isn’t easy.

And that’s also the good news.

I’m glad that life isn’t always going to be sunshine and rainbows and simple things. I need the hurt and the heartache and the seemingly impossible situations.I need to feel lonely and lost. I welcome the struggles and wander off my path from time to time.

Those are the moments that refined me and gave my life purpose. For every moment I had that things got tough, I had to ask myself “Is it worth it?” or “Can I do this?” Those are the moments when I get to see glimpses of who I really am and where I measure up to the person I want to be. I got to break away from the monotomy.

Hard times serve as tools for pruning away the unnecessaries taking up space in my life. Tragedies show us who are real friends are and the people that have our backs. Closed doors give us a chance to stop for a moment and question our callings before pushing forward. Hard moments bring out the ugly sides of ourselves that we need to deal with if we want to become a better person.

Embracing the darkness also means embracing the light. The two operate hand in hand. Every bad thing is a conduit for something good to happen.

And so life goes on. Even after I feel consumed by depression and tempted to quit. My mantra is reasons and seasons. Everything happens for a reason and everything happens within a season of life. So as hard as thing, it’s better to make the most of it. Learn from the opportunities and embody the changes that come your way. Time is fleeting and those moments will be gone before you know it.

Life may be hard, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful or bright.



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