Light Within


God gave me the fiercest fire burning through my bones and in my belly knowing I couldn’t control it.

Maybe to see if I would be willing to deplete its spirit to share warmth with others and light the way when darkness sets in like a heavy blanket.

Maybe to see it spread like wildfire infecting the ones I love most with its intensity and watch me weigh the risks of getting to close.

Maybe to see what I will do when it finally burns out and if I will still find a way to love myself even when the energy is gone.

Maybe to see if I blame myself for the empty, clammy feeling smoldering ashes leave behind and to see what I choose to fill it with instead.

And maybe, He’ll be a little surprised or impressed when I find ways to burn a little hotter and shine a little brighter instead.

I will burn forever.

No matter the costs.


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