Live a Little


“It has been my experience, that folks who have no vices, have very few virtues”

-Abraham Lincoln

Churchill, despite being a celebrated leader, had a severe drinking problem. Hailed as one of our most noble presidents, Lincoln suffered from depression and neuroticism. Even the humanitarian, Eleanor Roosevelt was condemned for being scandalous and having a stiff personality.

This is to say that most of our great leaders and thinkers have acquired their fair share in flaws while developing the integrity of their character and legacy.

We can’t be afraid to truly live, unbridled, filled with passion, and intentional. Our journey is going to be filled with intransigence and criticism regardless of the path we pursue.  But in order to succeed, we must be willing to make mistakes, disagree, and behave eccentric in a society demanding we fit in. Be willing to misbehave a little.

It’s fighting that resistance that we build strength.

It’s through the backlash that we experience refinement.

It’s in the hard moments that we develop our personality.

 Don’t be afraid to speak up and do things differently.  Some will call you rebellious and troublesome while others will celebrate you as free-thinking and innovative. Your greatest strengths will also be your greatest weaknesses depending on your perspective.

The key  is not to care what others think and live a little.

Be the next great leader or thinker of our time.


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