Return to Sender



See, this baggage isn’t as easy to pack up


It’s not as easy to take to the post office

Like the letters and packages you keep sending me

Thinly veiled aggression dressed up so pretty

A gift for the grandchild you’ll likely never meet-

Your words, not mine

An anniversary card to the wedding you wish you’d attended-

Yet you spent months before trying to stop it

A lackadaisical note saying we should come visit soon-

The same note the wolf sends to sheep when he is hungry


I scrawl Return to Sender across the top each time

Before handing it back to the mail carrier

Praying this time will be the last time

Sardonically, I imagine

I’m sending back bits and pieces of my trauma too

Marked Return to Sender


When you said it’s time to bury the hatchet

I’m sure you didn’t think I would bury it

Among the other gifts and letters I’d sent back



I suppose it begs the question

Why I needed it to begin with

If we are all friends?



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