Broken Shards


StockSnap_V6AX60JM7H.jpgIt wasn’t supposed to be this way

Our rapport shattered like glass

Strewn across the floor

Each new shard jagged and sharp

I didn’t know then I had gone to war


I spent years on my hands and knees

Searching for each and every broken piece

Often working till my hands bleed

You told everyone I was earning my apologies

When I confronted, you called it a technicality


You thought you built the perfect lie

Created a story favoring your side

When others saw the wreckage and asked to know why

My response (from my knees) was to be “It was I!”

Though the fault was not mine, I had been vilified


Where I tried to repair, you chose to impede

And it was about that time that I started to see

Broken shards are good for more than one thing

Like fighting my way out so I could finally be free

And severing ties you used to hold over me








2 Comments on “Broken Shards

  1. Wow, this is absolutely amazing. I especially love the last stanza. I am sorry you went through this, but you are incredibly strong for leaving and getting out. I can relate to this – an abuser will make everything seem like your fault and never take responsibility for their actions. They are convinced that they are always innocent and nothing is their fault. It becomes easy to believe their lies because they can take one tiny grain of truth and twist it to fit their version of the story. I am so happy you are free of this person. I wish you healing and happiness in your journey forward. Much love – speak766

    • Writing angst poetry helps me get through the bad days when I start feeling angry or hurt again.
      I’m glad someone else could appreciate it.

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