She’s Like Texas In the Summer

All my mamas here in Texas know that we are in a very delicate, wondrous season right now. It exists between the cool, rainy weather we get all winter and the sticky heat that lingers the rest of the year.

The month of May is when everyone remembers why they love Texas.

So we’ve been taking the opportunity to get out of the house as often as we can and enjoy this weather while it lasts. It’s become the new routine to spend the early mornings or late afternoons at the park.

Ladybug is loving everything about being outside.

While she is still a bit small to enjoy the playgrounds, she enjoys climbing as high as she can get. Usually carrying a Sonic cup full of ice with her (I promise I’m not feeding my child large sodas!) as you can see below. Feeding the ducks is also one of her favorite past times and she is even getting bold enough to try to chase them now.

I can tell this is going to be a fantastic summer with her!

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