Pavement Flowers



We are in the midst of moving into our new house this month (hence the lack of posting on the blog). At our new place, I’ve noticed something really cool. We have a flower that somehow grew in a crack on our driveway. Well, we had a flower, until my daughter picked up.

How does that happen though?

How do flowers grow in such strange places like sidewalks, driveways, or anywhere else that seems impossible? They have to fight against unfavorable conditions like lack of sunlight, soil nutrients, and water. But somehow they still thrive. They defy all the odds and blossom. The unexpectedness of the situation gives that flower a special element of beauty.

Beautiful can bloom out of brokenness.

That little flower gave me hope. That even in my brokenness and less than ideal environment, I can do more than just survive. I can bloom. I may struggle. I may have difficult seasons. But I will also have times of growth and prosper. The key is to persist and refuse to let my circumstances limit me.

I need to stop wishing that I could be with everyone else. Fruitlessly, trying to reshape my situations to fit the norm and force myself into the same growing conditions as others. Like there is safety in numbers or, maybe, at least comfort.  I’m wasting too much effort on things beyond my control instead of just focusing on growing and thriving on my own.

While there are fields of wild flowers, beautiful in their own collective way, each single flower doesn’t receive the admiration that the pavement flower gets.

Be the pavement flower.

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