Summer Delights

StockSnap_N991LT9LUP.jpgI’m laughing today because I’m thinking back to the summer when I first got married when I thought I was soooo busy.

What filled up my schedule and had me so worried?

Work (lots of overtime)

Being Married

Decorating my New Lovers’ Nest.

That was it. It’s laughable, honestly, as I didn’t realize how good I had it back then. It was nice though. My husband and I were able to spend a lot of time together exploring old bookstores, eating ice cream, taking our dogs to the park, and enjoying each other’s company without feeling any time constraints.

This summer tells quite a different story. 

We’ve spent most of this month already dealing with the chaos of moving. I foolishly thought we would be able to knock it out in a weekend like we had in years past. I forgot to factor in all the things we acquired by having a baby. There is all this new furniture like a toddler bed, dresser, high chair and organizer. Then we have to take into account all the toys and books and crafts and clothes that Ladybug has because she is immensely spoiled…

If I die tomorrow, people will probably think I’m a baby hoarder.

Then there is the challenge of packing and moving with a toddler. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so overwhelmed as when I was trying to pack up the kitchen and everything I would put in a box, my daughter would pull out and then run off with. There were times when I would turn around and the entire box would be gone. That girl is too mischievous for her own good but she’s too cute to get in any trouble. Long story, short: two days of packing turned into two weeks.

All those mamas out there that somehow pack and move with children deserve an award for valor because it is not for the faint of heart.

But despite all of that, I am so happy to be in a house. So long, apartment living! We have  a yard and a driveway and freedom finally!  I feel like we are really moving up in the world as a family. There will definitely be more updates on our home as we have plenty of summer projects (mainly landscaping and home decor and maybe getting chickens?) that we will be undertaking when the weather cools down.

The better part of our summer is the vacations we have planned. Like going to Costa Rica this weekend!

I can’t say I’m not sad to put the unpacking on hold to take a quick family vacation and enjoy the beach life for a couple of days. We have so many fun activities like ziplining, whitewater rafting, and trail riding on ATVs planned. Balanced out, of course, by plenty of time lounging by the pool and soaking up some sun.

This is a very seriously needed vacation for me personally.

The price to visit Costa Rica is actually pretty affordable right now. Plane tickets are about the same as traveling stateside and the dollar is very strong in the Costa Rican economy.

I’m hoping that Ladybug does well. Plenty of sunscreen and toys have been packed so she can stay happy and burn-free by the pool. She eats about everything in sight – edible or not – so I’m not too worried about her being picky with the food. This will be her first international trip and the plan has always been for her to grow up traveling and seeing different cultures and enjoying the world outside of Texas. If this trip is a success then we can proceed to start booking the rest of our travel plans.

Outside of our trip next weekend, we are planning on spending quite a few weekends up in Dallas or over in Austin visiting family while we take advantage of being out of school and having a little more flexibility in our schedule.

All in all, I think that this is going to be a great summer. It’s busy in all the best ways possible. Lots to time spent enjoying family. Which is so important to me right now.

But with that being said, I’m hoping and praying that I will still find time to keep updating my blog. I’ve been bad about it so far this month but I think I’m going to love documenting all the fun we will have.

Does anyone else have any fun summer plans? Anything creative or unique that is a must on the to-do this summer list?

Shoot me an email or comment below to let me know!

One Comment on “Summer Delights

  1. My husband works a lot and we hardly get to spend time together. Most days, I feel like a single mom because I never see him – only late at night. His work has robbed us of family time but I have no right to complain since I am not working. You are so lucky to have a house! That’s our goal, to move and buy a house. It doesn’t look like that’s happening any time soon.

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