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Summer Delights

I’m laughing today because I’m thinking back to the summer when I first got married when I thought I was soooo busy. What filled up my schedule and had me so worried? Work (lots of overtime) Being Married Decorating my New Lovers’ Nest. That…

Multiply by Zero

There are people in my life that I consider zeros. 

The Thankless Year

Look how happy we look sitting on my rocking chair! To be more accurate, look how well rested my little ladybug looks! Would you have guessed that I had spent a better part of that week crying and praying she would get over a…

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

My daughter just turned a year old this month. Let’s go beyond the common woes of time moving too quickly and my little girl being not so little anymore. I have plenty to say on that but I’ve reached a different milestone this month….

Live and Learn or Let it Go

A lot of my life has been spent making mistakes and learning from them. It’s just my personality. You can tell me the stove is hot but until I touch it for myself, I won’t learn my lesson. I’ve embraced this part of myself…

The Moment You Realize Nothing Lasts Forever

If you want to truly understand and appreciate how quickly life passes you by. Have a baby. I’m serious! 

What Poetry Means

In celebration of National Poetry Month, I want to share one of my favorite Tedtalks done by the wonderful Sarah Kay.