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Pavement Flowers

  We are in the midst of moving into our new house this month (hence the lack of posting on the blog). At our new place, I’ve noticed something really cool. We have a flower that somehow grew in a crack on our driveway….

Courage, Dear Heart

Courage isn’t having the strength to go on – it is going on when you don’t have strength This has been stuck in my mind lately. Being brave usually calls us to action and asks us to take some risks and leave our comfort…

Live and Learn or Let it Go

A lot of my life has been spent making mistakes and learning from them. It’s just my personality. You can tell me the stove is hot but until I touch it for myself, I won’t learn my lesson. I’ve embraced this part of myself…

Live a Little

“It has been my experience, that folks who have no vices, have very few virtues” -Abraham Lincoln Churchill, despite being a celebrated leader, had a severe drinking problem. Hailed as one of our most noble presidents, Lincoln suffered from depression and neuroticism. Even the…

What’s the Deal with Methylation and Mental Health?

I mentioned before in an earlier post that I recently discovered that my family all have the MTHFR mutation that is still being studied and understood. Having a variation of this mutation means that the enzymes commonly used to aid the process of methylation in…

The Inevitable Apology

The day you apologize, you’ll be drowned out by wind and rain.

When You’ve Outgrown Your Parents

To my friend, they talk about the tragedy when a child must bury a parent but what is said when a child outgrows a parent? How are you supposed to navigate the guilt and disappointment when faced with that?