Category: Poetry

Broken Shards

  It wasn’t supposed to be this way Our rapport shattered like glass Strewn across the floor Each new shard jagged and sharp I didn’t know then I had gone to war   I spent years on my hands and knees Searching for each…

Return to Sender

  See, this baggage isn’t as easy to pack up

Light Within

God gave me the fiercest fire burning through my bones and in my belly knowing I couldn’t control it. Maybe to see if I would be willing to deplete its spirit to share warmth with others and light the way when darkness sets in like…

The Only Words I Needed to Hear

I’m sorry I didn’t fight for you  I’m finally going to come through All this time, I’ve been carrying a shield  Hoping it would protect you too I’m sorry there wasn’t room for two I’m sorry I’m sorry  I’m sorry

Go Back to the Beginning

Things have been so messy lately So maybe let’s go back before then Remind ourselves What did love look like way back when? 

The Morning After Watching 13 Reasons Why

The morning is covered in rain. Cold droplets worked to wash away The cold night painted dark blue.

What Poetry Means

In celebration of National Poetry Month, I want to share one of my favorite Tedtalks done by the wonderful Sarah Kay.